Covid-19 – Business Update

The health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, clients and co-workers remains at the forefront of our thoughts during these unprecedented times. HCIP Ltd. are committed to providing our usual high levels of service whilst taking additional measures to ensure work can be carried out safely and in line with the latest government guidelines. We have put in place the below measures, which we are constantly reviewing, to assist in meeting these objectives:

Labour Resource

Our whole labour resource – both site and office based – remains available to work, but only after they have received the necessary COVID-19 briefings (Toolbox Talk, RAMS, PPE Issue)

Travel to Site

Following the issue of the revised CLC Site Operating Procedures, we are now allowing shared travel to and from site in company vehicles. This is however, only in instances where operatives regularly travel to and from work together, and therefore are part of the same social circle. Operatives who have not worked together will not be permitted to share travel, and in this instance, we will be insisting on travelling in separate vehicles.

All HCIP employees/contractors have been issued with Essential Worker Authorisation Letters, relating to the relevant trade and project that they are working on

Social Distancing Measures

Maintaining social distancing on site, where possible, in line in with the latest CLC Site Operating Procedures

Segregating work areas with physical barriers

Staggering break times, so shared areas are not overcrowded.

For teams working away from home in accommodation, ensuring separate rooms are provided so social areas are not shared

Rota based system for office-based employees, ensuring the office areas never become overcrowded

Cleaning Regimes

All HCIP operatives have been issued with anti-bacterial spray, which is been used for – but not limited to – the following:

Cleaning down vehicles before and after each journey

Cleaning down work areas, tools and access equipment before and after each use/task

Cleaning down shared areas (i.e. canteens) before and after each use

Operatives have also been issued with their own personal bottle of hand sanitiser to keep in their possession on site

Hand sanitising stations installed at HCIP offices, and guidance displayed on walls throughout office promoting the highest standards of cleanliness


All HCIP operatives have been issued with personalised backpacks, to ensure that PPE is stored safely and avoid any potential for cross contamination. These include the following:

  • FFP3 dust mask, suitable for relevant face fit testing completed
  • Anti-bacterial spray and cloths
  • Suitable cut grade gloves
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Impact resistant safety glasses and case
  • Kevlar arm gauntlets
  • Disposable ear defenders
  • Hi-visibility vest
  • Safety helmet


Contingency Plans

Contingency plans include:

Constant review of company COVID-19 procedures

Regular communication with workforce to avoid of breaches of procedure

Regular communication with supply chain to establish any stock level/lead in issues

Ensure procedures are running in line with daily government updates


On 28th April 2020, the government extended the available Coronavirus testing kits to include construction workers. Information on how to arrange a test can be obtained via the following link:

Material Availability

We remain in regular contact with all our suppliers to ensure we have the latest up-to-date information regarding all stock availability. We have encountered some issues in obtaining stock – particularly Gypsum based products – however with the recent news that both Knauf and British Gypsum are set to start manufacturing again on the 27th April 2020, these concerns have been eased somewhat. Certain products remain on an allocation only basis, and therefore we are requesting four weeks’ notice to obtain materials to give us a realistic procurement period leading into new projects. Of course, where possible we will be able to better this guideline.

Material Deliveries

We continue to receive a high level of service from our supply chain and have successfully delivered projects that have remained open under the new measures during this outbreak. We have experienced longer waits for deliveries and collections, but the correct planning from our both our clients and our managers has helped to ensure these delays have not filtered down to site level.

Offload and Deliveries

All suppliers are now operating a “contactless” delivery service, meaning that materials are picked, loaded and offloaded whilst observing social distancing measures. We continue to operate full manual handling procedures and assessing what items cannot be transported by one operative, avoiding as best we can the number of multiple operative lifts.

Furloughed Workforce

We are currently working at reduced labour levels with some office staff on furlough leave. However, these employees are ready to return to work as soon as workload allows.


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